Sting® Makes Appearances in London, UK

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE by Revolution Pro Wrestling, UK

screen%20shot%202014-02-27%20at%202-43-54%20pmFebruary, 24, 2014  — Due to personal reasons, The Nature Boy® Ric Flair® has had to postpone his planned trip to the UK and as a result will no longer be appearing at High Stakes 2014.  Mr. Flair was very much looking forward to meeting all of his fans in the UK, however an unavoidable situation has meant it necessary for his trip to be postponed.

Whilst of course we are disappointed to postpone Mr. Flair, we are extremely excited with the opportunity that this situation has created as working alongside Mr. Flair’s agents Legacy Talent and Entertainment, we believe that we have been able to bring in a fantastic and exciting talent.
A former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, an Icon in the sport of professional wrestling and a man who quite simply needs no introduction: STING®!

Sting will be present on Friday March 14th for ‘An Evening With The Stinger,’ and then on Saturday March 15th for an exclusive photo session followed by an appearance at High Stakes 2014.
All tickets for the previously advertised Ric Flair events will be honoured for the Sting events.

We felt it important to get the information out in public domain as soon as possible however we will be contacting anyone who has purchased tickets for ‘The Evening With’ or a Ric Flair Photo ticket to explain the situation and offer refunds if interested.  In the mean time should anyone need to obtain a refund for either the Evening With Ric Flair or Ric Flair photo tickets they should contact

Revolution Pro Wrestling Promoter Andy Quildan said of the situation: “We trust you understand that whilst every precaution possible is taken when booking our talents, this situation was one that we could not control. However I’m thrilled to be able to bring to the UK for the first time in an intimate environment a truly global Superstar, one of my childhood heroes and a man whom personifies everything that is great about professional wrestling, Sting!”

London, you have been put on notice, the master of the Scorpion Deathlock is coming and we can’t wait!